[these notes were originally written for my housegroup…]

First I would like to say that God has put this desire on my heart to write these notes because of His love for His children.

I pray that you would understand my heart of compassion in all of what I will be saying here, because I have an overwhelming desire in my heart to love all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Also, I have such a strong desire to share all the truths that God has given me with you, so that you can be set free in the same way that God has set me free. So I pray that you would receive this in the love of God it was sent out with.

I also pray that the Holy Spirit will be your teacher and that you will hear His voice rather than my words. My desire is to be so dead to self that through Christ living in me and through the Holy Spirit’s truth your heart will be receptive to God and to God alone.

Life is a journey we are on, and I am very aware that each person is in a different place one from another. We cannot compare ourselves with each other though, but we can only put ourselves in each other’s shoes through love and compassion.

God accepts and understands each and every one of us where we are at, and He knows where we are going, He knows the sincerity of our hearts.

We can only compare ourselves with Jesus, and God knows we all need Him. In that sense, we are all in a place of needing our Saviour and therefore all equal in His sight. It is not about what we do, it is about who He is and what He has done for us. It is only His ability in us that enables us to do anything at all.

I am very aware that I am walking on a very thin ledge of grace (the narrow path), and that any time I make the mistake that I think I can do it, then God would allow me to fall, but at the same time, I trust He would catch me, but I would rather remain totally at His mercy and not fall in the first place. I am very aware that though I have come a long way, I still have a long way to go.

Please forgive me in advance for any mistakes I might make, because if you look, you will be sure to find some. I hope you will give me grace and look at the heart of love with which this has been written, and not so much at my mistakes.

Also, God has given us supernatural gifts, and one of those gifts God has given me by His grace is to be an encourager, and to build people up in His love. I hope these notes will encourage you, as it is encouraging me, as I am writing these down.

It’s a matter of the heart…

This website and its accompanying book form a devotional discipleship course for you to chew on and to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit from the inside out through the renewal of your mind on every day Biblical principles.

This is a gift from God to me and to you…

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