When we have wholeheartedly committed to put our faith in Christ’s finished work of the cross alone, we have finished from efforts and works in our own strength.

When we have taken this decision we are saved for all eternity from hell. Christ’s finished work on the cross is Him doing it for us, Him paying the price in our place. This is known as ‘Salvation’. Our sins are wiped away, past, present and future sins have been nailed on the cross with Him. This is Christ righteousness, Christ making us right with God, peace from God to all men. Once we have taken this decision, we cannot lose our righteousness in Him, we have been given a new spirit and our old spirit has died with Him. This is immovable because it does not rely on us.

But we still have free will, a mind of our own and emotions. This is our soul. Our soul is not renewed, it has a tendency to make wrong choices because we live in a fallen world, and our soul has to be transformed, this is our journey of transformation. This is God doing it in us; it is called ‘Sanctification’. God needs our cooperation here because, if we do not renew our minds, we will live in defeat in this life.

Sanctification is a process of writing God’s heart on our heart, so that we would make choices that bring life here and now. God’s heart for everyone is that we would live victorious lives. This does not mean that we will have no problems, but this means that in the middle of our problems, God will be with us and we will be connected with Him, and He will see us through by spiritually speaking holding us by His right hand and guiding and comforting us as we grow spiritually.

God does not only want us to be free from the Devil , He wants us to be free from ourselves, our egocentric nature (what about me) and free from sin. God is still God, He is pure, holy and just and He hates sin. He has not lowered His standards, but He has placed His love above His judgement. If we are truly born again, we will also hate sin and want to seek His ways that lead to life in abundance.

He wants to be our source: our preservation, our protection and our provision. God is more concerned with our motives than in what we do. We can do a good thing with a right motive or with a wrong motive. God is always looking at our heart attitudes, and that is where He changes us. True grace is God giving us the strength and ability to do what we could not do by ourselves, so if we do things against our will, we are not in the grace of God, we are in our self-righteousness.

We will all live forever, you choose where you want to spend eternity…

My prayer is that you would understand this almost too good to be true news of God, and that you would meditate on it day and night, think it over, until it is firmly written on your heart, and that you would believe and receive His righteousness in your life without reserve and allow Him to empower you to live above your circumstances. For God so loved the world that He gave us Jesus to not only purchase our freedom here and now, but also save us for all eternity.

  1. What is the difference between Justification and Sanctification?
  2. Why is our soul not renewed yet?
  3. What is really God’s heart for each and everyone of us?