Whatever your natural gifts are, if you give them to God He can transform them supernaturally. All of our natural gifts are God given, but we may find difficulties in giving God the glory, that is why He wants us to give our gifts to Him, that He may be the power at work behind us and in us.

Here are some valuable points from Revelation TV’s “R Teenz”1:

  • God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

  • God calls us through our heart’s desire.

  • God is going to help us all the way through.

  • God uses our past for good in a mighty way, for us to learn and for us to help others.

  • It is purely because of our inability that God is able to use us.

  • First, we are called to be Christ-like and to have a personal relationship with God.

  • God wants to be involved in every part of our life.

  • Secondly, what is the passion in your heart, run with it!

  • What are your gifts?

  • God will empower you to get through that plan.

  • How do you relate with people? Are you an encourager or a good listener, and do people like to bring their problems to you?

  • Thirdly, Prayer is vital – as God has all the answers.

  • Get others to pray for you.

  • Who is in control of your life?

  • Daily, little choices soaked in prayers lead you in the right direction.

Lord, I pray that You would reveal to us Your perfect will and Your perfect plan for our lives, may we be used by You in a mighty way, so as to bring many sons and daughters into Your kingdom. I pray that You would call us, mould us and shape us, go before us, prepare our hearts, guide us and lead us and for us to be Your sheep who hear Your voice.

  1. Why is it a good idea to give your natural gifts to God?
  2. What are some signs that God wants to use our gifts?
  3. Why is prayer so important?
  1. R Teenz (programme originally broadcast 2010-09-28 on Revelation TV)