I believe in One God, who exists in three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I believe Our Lord is the Creator of the Universe, and in Him all things exist

I believe that God is Eternal, Holy, and Pure, all knowing, all present, all powerful

I believe we have been separated from God through sin, and Jesus, who is both God and man, is the only way back to the Father

I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and it is there for our good to guide us, protect us, strengthen us , and comfort us

I believe God desires that all men come to repentance and the knowledge of Him

I believe that we need to be born again to find His eternal life now, to be an overcomer in Him in this life

I believe we have to have our hearts circumcised by Christ to be empowered to live the life Christ died for us to have

I believe He sent us the the Holy Spirit to draw us constantly to God and to fill us with His Spirit

I believe in God’s grace and God’s mercy and that God is loving and kind to us, but He hates sin because it separates us from Him

I believe that God has given us the choice to follow Him, to choose life, victory and to be an overcomer

I believe in the freedom Christ purchased for us on the Cross

I believe in the Love God has for us that compels us

  • To love The Lord with all our heart and mind,
  • To love our neighbour as ourself,
  • To forgive our enemies and pray for those who persecute us
  • To reverence and honour The Lord

I believe true freedom is God’s empowerment working in us not to fall into sin, temptation, addictions, oppression… etc.

I believe trusting and obeying God leads us to His Freedom and Eternal life

I believe in God’s love for each one of us, I believe His love never fails

I believe all believers form the Church, the Body of Christ, and we are the ambassadors for His Kingdom

I believe that there is one faith, one Lord, one baptism and I believe God’s heart is for all born again Christians to display God’s love and God’s faithfulness within His Body in the one new man

I believe God is bringing our Jewish brothers and sisters into His Kingdom too, for His glory, not because they deserve it

I believe Jesus is going to come and bring us home soon to be with Him forever, either individually or all together, whichever comes first

Be prepared