Everyone comes to a point of wondering what the purpose of our life is, who we are, and where did we come from. If you have asked yourself this question, you have received this prompt from depths within you that are far beyond yourself.

God, who is the Creator of the universe, wanted His creation to come to know Him personally now as well as eternally; that is why God gave us His Word, and later His own Son, to reveal Himself to us.

In Romans 10:17 it says that faith comes by hearing over and over the Word of God. And in John 17:17 Jesus himself confirms that God’s Word is truth, and in John 8:32 Jesus says that the truth will set you free.

Though we can never fully know God nor His Holiness and purity this side of life, as He is far bigger than our tiny little earthly peanut brains, we can come to partly know His heart, His ways, His thoughts. His Word says that everyone in this life will experience blessings and struggles. The difference for the believer is that God is Present with his Power, his Strength and his Encouragement to overcome because he knows God’s heart is always to conquer evil with good. Punishment does not come from God but from the father of lies, the Devil himself, see John 10:10. The closer you draw to God, the closer He will draw near to you…

Once this truth hits your heart, you will truly find your purpose through letting your heart come home to God.

I invite you to pray the Prayer for Salvation.