by Katie Souza

Cover in the Blood Prayer

Dear Jesus, I ask forgiveness for any sin that I committed that wounded my soul (or wounded someone else’s soul). Wash me clean of all my sins, the sins of my youth, the sins of my ancestors, and also any sin committed against me (or I committed against others). I put Your Blood on those sins and I also forgive everyone who hurt me. Lev 17 says that Your Blood atones for my soul. I believe Your Blood is washing me clean of every sin in my soul right now. I receive your forgiveness, in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

“Dunamis” Power to Heal

Lord Jesus, sin has wounded my soul, but Your Dunamis Power can heal every wound inside of me. I have already been resurrected to a new life in You, so Dunamis lives in my spirit.

I decree and declare that it is flowing into my soul right now and causing me to be excellent of soul.

Heal every wound inside of me, cause my soul to be excellent in every place where I have been injured. Fill me with Your resurrection power in both my soul and my body. I know when my soul gets healed, I will be prosperous in my health even as my soul prospers. So I receive my healing now in Jesus’ Name. Amen!